One meaning of “FAITH” is when you have firm belief in something for which there is no proof (“Merriam Webster,” n.d.). In the Bible “FAITH” is described as “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11:1 (KJV)). Knowing the definition of “FAITH” how can we as humans have faith in other humans but not have faith in God? Personally, I know I use the phrase “I have faith in you” with my children and others all the time. Meaning I believe that they are able to do things that I have not seen them do, for example make their beds, clean their rooms, tie their shoes, or make good choices.
If I can have “faith” in them to do things that I have no proof that they can actually do then why is it so difficult for us as humans to have “faith” in God to get us through the difficult times of our lives? God has given us proof in the Bible that he is capable of doing the things he promises us to do. I mean Jesus Christ said he would die on the cross and be rise in three days each of those events took place. So why do we place so much “faith” in other humans and not so much “faith” in God when we have more evidence that he is capable more than capable of doing what we ask him to do?
Sometimes I questioned myself about this very question is due to the fact that I can see other humans but I cannot see God? It seems to me that it is easier at times to put our faith in people or things that we can see as opposed to things we cannot. But, if that is the case then why is it so easy to put our faith in God when we are in a crisis or facing a really difficult time in our life? What changes in that split second that makes us have “faith” in God to get us through that situation and not other humans?


I think in that split second during all the chaos or the scariest moments of our lives we want someone who we are convinced that can get us through it. We want GOD in those moments of our lives that are the most important, most chaotic, the scariest because we know he is capable more capable than any human we know of heling us make it through those times. My question now is if we know this and have faith in him during the biggest, most important, scariest, most difficult times in our lives why do not have faith in God during the little moments in our lives. Why do we put more faith in other humans in those moments than we do God? My new phrase is going to be when talking to my children or anyone else for that matter is instead of I have faith in you or believe you can do it will be “I have faith that God will help you through it or I have faith that God can help you do it!


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ImageHow has God showed you his strength threw your weaknesses?

I can see his strength in my weaknesses in ways I never thought possible.  For example in raising my kids there are times I do not know what to do or say and God shows me or tells.  There are many times that I want to just give in and let them have what they want but then God reminds me that is not how to teach them self-control or patience.

Respond with ways you see God’s strengths in your weakness.

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