Taking Care of Yourself

When you have special needs children it is very important that you not only take care of your children but yourself as well. I will admit this is not my strong suite, I do not take as good a care of myself as I should. I will also tell you that I can tell and am starting to do a better job of caring for myself. I know a few people in my life that would say it is about time that you start to realize this and make an effort.

Since January 1 of this year I have been doing a Bible study daily where I read the assigned verses and the devotional that goes with it and then I write what I am taking from it or what it means to me and write out a prayer or letter one might say to God. I am trying to get more sleep than I normally do.  I am trying to eat earlier at night instead of waiting so late that some times I forget to eat. I am saying NO more than I have in the past about different things. And I think most importantly I am asking for help, which is something I have always had trouble doing.

What are some ways you take care of yourself while caring for your special needs child(ren)?


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