What Does this Verse Look Like in Your Daily Life

Exo 14:14  The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. (KJV)

What does this look like in your daily life?

How can you tell when God is fighting the battle for you and you can hold your peace?

What do you do or pray to get to this place where you are able to let go and let God fight for you?


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One thought on “What Does this Verse Look Like in Your Daily Life

  1. For me personally, how this looks in my life is when I can 100% turn over whatever is happening at that moment to God and leave it in his hands. For me this is not easy even though I trust him and have faith in him I still struggle with this. I think in part it is due to the fact that I have been alone (human being alone if that makes sense) and I do not fully know how to give anyone else a problem that I am facing and let them handle it for me. Yes, that comes to trust I know, but not trust on God’s part but mine. I do trust God and he shows me that I can when I am able to allow him to handle my problems, but my trust with other individuals holds me back sometimes. The other part might sound strange but maybe someone out there can relate is that I feel that God put me on this path and if I can’t do it I am letting him down. And I do not want to let him down, but what I am starting to realize is that when I do not ask for his help I am letting him done more than I would if I asked for it.


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