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I am in my Motivational Processes in Human Psychology class (now in week 3) and as I read and do the assignments I see where what I am learning does pertain to my (our) kids. Know I am sure that we all know what motivation is and how we use it but as I read I started to turn it around and see how it effects my kids. I want to share what I am learning cause it may help each of us to look at things in a new way than we have in the past. And not only with our children but ourselves as well.    

Motivation according to my textbook is to be moved into action example when you are hunger you seek out food, you hear music you want to dance, paying bills on time eliminates the late charges   There are three forms of motivation

Internal Sources   1. Biological Variables : refers to material characteristics of the body and brain that motivate behavior (hunger makes us seek food)   2. Psychological Variables : Refers to motives and can be studied indirectly through measurable indicators examples anxiety, happiness, need to belong (the more we want to fit in the more we will change our behaviors to fit in, however the less need to belong we feel the more we will avoid it thus our behaviors remain the same)   External Sources

3. Environmental : Refers to incentives that either pull a person towards them or repel the person away from them example when we offer our kids their electronics for doing something. The only draw back to external motivation it becomes a game to our kids we want them to do something for us so they will see just how much they can get for it, they start off with small things, then as they don’t want to do it we increase the motivation and thus allowing them to know we will play the game so they start to refuse to do it for what we offer to see how high we will go.    

For a lot of our kids mine included the biological variables have not kicked in yet, the external sources are not working (they want to too much) so the psychological variables is where to need to focus our attention. I really don’t know how to word this but we need to find a way to get them to see when they are having anxiety vs happiness, the need to belong vs the no need to belong so we can get them to see the difference in how they feel about their self during those times. Now I know that we all work on some of this already, but I know for me that sometimes I get so caught up in the chaos that I forget to focus to what I need to, but maybe if in the midst of the chaos we can find away to get them to see how happy they are and how that feels, and when they are experiencing anxiety do the same, or the need to belong if we can help them see what it is that makes them want to belong to that certain thing and not others then maybe we can make a little progress and give the biological variables a jump start. Now I am not an expert in any of this by any means just I guess kinda simply thinking out loud wanting to or needing to share my thoughts.


I would like to hear any feedback that anyone has on this


Thanks for listening to my rumblings

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