Parenting with “God” Day 10

Day 10 of 280

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Today we are talking about Power from the word of God

I do my best to do at least one bible study a day and my main one is this one. However I have not made time lately to just sit with the bible and ask God to lead me to what I need to read, I have not sat and just talked with him as I should. I can tell a difference in myself over the past few weeks as life creeps in more and more. As one of my daughters seems to be taking some steps backwards again I have gotten tangled up in it all and focused on that instead of keeping my focus on God and letting him handle it, I have tried to handle it.

I feel that the verse here today really says it for me anyways. When it says the written word is for our learning. We can learn from it, I have learned from it and will continue to learn from it. That if we just trust and have patience and let the word of God comfort us then we will have hope.

I know I struggle with giving things to God and not picking them back up again. And I know that is what has been happening here of late I have giving things to him, however I went back later and picked it up again. I am not sure exactly why I do this. I think there are many different reason why we all do this from time to time.

This might be a strange way to describe this but for me it is a little like algebra. When you have a problem like






It is plain to see there is no solution to this problem.

All parents want their children to grow up and be able to go out into the world and survive. But with special needs children things are not always as black and white as that. There are many times that a problem can look just like the one I have laid out. Now I know that God can solve all problems. However I think the issue with us or me anyway is that if I can’t help my child, if I can’t find a way to solve the unsolvable then I am not a good parent to my child. I feel that society places so many demands on a parent of special needs children without really stopping and listening or seeing what is going on. We are judged very harshly when our children have meltdowns in public or say something considered rude by others in public. We are told to control our children, that if we where better parents then our children would act this way. There are many factors that take place to make the problems (issues) that we and our families face seem unsolvable just as the above stated algebra problem had no solution.

The signs are there for us to follow just as in algebra however the pressure from society clouds those signs and makes them harder for us to read. We give it to God, then the clouds move in so we go back and take it back cause we were not sure of the signs we seen. I feel that every parent of a special needs child that their faith in God is very strong for I really do not feel that none of us could do this if we felt he was not with us.

I have got to find a way to not second guess myself when those clouds start to roll in from society as I see the signs that God gives me to follow to solve the problems. I have got to trust in myself enough to know the relationship I have with God is a strong one and that when I see his signs they are real and from God alone. I have got to find way to have my time with God no matter how much chaos is happening for I truly feel that is when I need to cling to him more.

I have learned so much and still have so much more to learn from God’s word, as well I have received hope from his word. I am not sure that blocking society out 100% is  possible for I have tried and it didn’t work for me. However I can with God’s help find a way to not let all the issue out there effect me, find a way to let my daughter (s) see that when life throws you a problem that looks unsolvable, give it God and he will solve it for you.

You know we are all human we mess up and fall out of our daily time with God. But it is so very nice to know that when we get back around to turning our lives around again that he is standing there waiting for us with his arms hold open wide to receive us again into his gentle arms full of love, patience, kindness, mercy and grace… What a awesome father we have…

Reference verses

Romans 15:4

4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

Thanks for stopping by today have a blessed day with God in the drives seat!!!!!

Have you heard God’s voice today, if not he asked me to tell you that he loves you!!


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