Insecurities (part 1)

This is not a topic that most of us want to discuss, however it is a part of each of our lives every day in one way or another. Once we learn what are insecurities are and what triggers them, then we can actually start asking God in a very specific way to help us overcome our insecurities. I am willing to take the first step to overcoming my insecurities, I admit that I am insecure in many different settings with not only women but men as well. (I will explain that later)

What are some of my insecurities:

1. My weight : I am comfortable with my weight for the most part, I mean God made me the way I am, if I was suppose to be skinny then he would have given me those gens instead of the ones I have….

2. The way I dress : I am most comfortable in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and tennie shoes or a loose-fitting pair of pants and lose pull over top and slip on shoes or flip-flops, however again societies take on clothes is that you should be “Dressed” all the time, hair done and makeup on….. I mean really???? what do I need to dress like I am going to work for just to run to the grocery…. I dressing for work, church, wedding or funeral are one thing but the grocery store is to me at least an entirely different thing all together….

3. Being in big or large crowds : By this I mean a group of more than maybe 4-6 for me is  large crowd (4-6) I can do ok in, more than that is hard for me) I get nervous thinking that everyone is smarter than I am and can speak better than I can and then I start looking around the room and I see all these little frame women with their little pretty, tight sexy but still real nice outfits on and I wish I could literally find a hole to crawl into and hide.. (see this is how society makes us feel with all their ads, and stores selling size 10 and smaller only in the name brand shops). I mean not only do I feel like I am trapped in a room with no out due to all the people but now, insecurities # 1 and # 2 come in to play….

How can I overcome these insecurities:

1. By remembering that God my saviour does not look at the physical side of things, he looks into my heart and that is all that counts (and if God wanted all people to be a like he would have made us that way… he made us all different so we would be unique and have our own minds and thoughts…

2. To be true to myself and not worry what anyone else thinks of me , it is what God thinks that matters

3. Remember to breathe, breathe and breathe yet again, take it one step at a time and stay for a set amount of time and each time increase that amount by 5-10 minutes and refer to steps 1 and 2 when the other insecurities kick in…

Now this is by no means the end of all of our insecurities well not mine anyway, so we will meet back here and check in on ourselves to see how we are doing with these and talk more about some other insecurities that we all may experience and how we can over come them with God’s help…

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me today, hope to see you here again real soon..

Have you heard God’s voice today? If not he asked me to tell you that he “Loves You” and I want to tell that my God is an “ABLE” God he can help you overcome anything


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