To the “Parents” of Specail Needs Children

As a parent of special needs children myself I ask myself questions all the time, how am I going to do this, what am I going to do and I think the biggest is Why did God choose me for this?

I have been asked for years how do you do this? How do you hold up and not just give in and say I quit? All my answers to those questions and to myself have always been with God’s help and by his Grace. I am able to raise my children with his help, his love, his understanding. Untill recently past few months when a problem came up I asked myself now what are you going to do? But I have learned to ask God what is he going do now. I learned this through a Bible Study called So Long Insecurity By: Beth Moore, this was my first Bible Study of any kind other than going to Church and listening to the preacher speak.

Through this bible study I learned that I already had the answer to my questions what am going to do now, the same thing that I have done along rely on God for help, support and his grace to work all things in my favor. This little phase below is very powerful and it really helps to bring my focus back to him where it belongs in the first place.

Ask your self this

When the awful fear hits and the “What will I do if ___________ happens?” question comes to life again turn that question around and instead ask “God what will he do if ___________ happens?” Or ask “God what will you have me do if ___________ happens?”

As for the BIG questions that I know I ask myself Why did God choose me for this? Well I have come a realization on that one as well. There is something that my children need and out of all the people in the world that God had to choose from he see’s in me “little old me” just what my children need to grow and become stronger in their lives so they can go out and become the person he intends for them to be.

He see’s in all of you as well just what your child/ren need to grow and become stronger as well so they too can go out into the world and become what he has planned for them.

I remember reading and hearing that God has our lives each of us planned for us before we are born to this earth. God knows what we will face before we ever face it and he knows if we can do this or not. I have thought about how much faith that God has placed in us by giving us this special journey to travel and I figure if I can have just a 1/4 of the faith in myself that God has in me and I allow that to grow then I will see one day in myself what he has already seen in me.

I sit here writing this as I reflect on the things that has happened lately and need to remind myself that God is ABLE, he is POWERFUL, and his Grace is huge, he is MIGHTY, he has faith in me and in you as well, we need to respect his faith in us by having faith in our selves….


Thanks for stopping by, incase you have not heard God’s voice today he asked me to tell you that he loves you and has FAITH in you…


Have a God filled day from one Special Needs parent to another





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