My Faith In Our Savior

  • First where does faith come from? I hope answered this
  • How we know if we have faith in someone or something? I hope I answered this
  • How can one have faith in something they cannot see or feel? I hope I answered this

As I post I will try to tell you my responses to these question….

Good Morning Lord,

Thank you Lord for allowing us to wake up this morning and have another chance to be the faith servant that you ask us to be. I ask that you watch over and give to each person what you know they need dear Lord… I ask that as I sit here and write about my faith that you type out the words that you need another read today to help them either find you or help them keep their faith in you Lord, I know you are the only thing that can help them or me. Amen

These are just my personal experiences and thoughts

       Faith, for me it grows in your heart!!! Having faith can be in anything from yourself, to the person living next door always being home by 2100 each night. Faith that your children will make a good choice instead of a bad choice. Faith in things that you can see are easier than things you cannot see for most people. For me when I read the Bible I can see God and Jesus they are as real as my children are. I think that sometimes it is easier to have faith in oneself than it is to have faith in another person, with yourself you know how you will react to a situation however you do not know how that other person will react. Having faith in something that one cannot see, touch, smell or hear is beyond some people. For me I can see him in my heart, for me I can hear him in my heart, for me I can smell him in my heart and I can hear him in my heart, for me that is enough to believe in him, trust him and have faith that what he says in the Bible is true and will come to pass.

        I know God, he is my Saviour, God almighty is my foundation, my rock that gives me strength to face life every day. Even though I know him I do not know his word as well as I should, I hope through this journey that will change some. I cannot at this time quote the Bible and give the book, chapter and verse for now I will say it as best as I can and please bear with me. 

        I like most people have had my struggles in life (some of those in another blog) however if I did not have my faith in God I could not go out and be a part of the world everyday. I know there is a reason that every happens and I know that everything happens when God’s wants it too. Do I struggle with wanting to take the steering wheel and drive oh yes I do, more often than not I still fight that battle within my self. But without faith in him the Able, Powerful God that we have on our side I know there is no way I would be sitting here today typing this blog for you to stop by and read.

  I have known God for 34 years now give or take a year and in all that time he has never left me alone, he has never broken a promise he made to me, he has always made sure that my NEEDS where meet. He has answered more prayers than I can even remember (mine and yours), he has listened to me make promises to him and break them and still yet he forgives me. My faith comes from his walk with me daily, he holds my hand when I cry, he holds my hair out of my face when I am sick, he cuddles me in his arms when I need a hug. He listens to my venting when I am mad, he loves me just as I am. For me all that God does for me is enough to have faith  in him without every questioning is he real or not. I want to live forever in Heaven with My God, my mother, my best friend Glen and my children when it is their time to go. If I do not trust and have faith in God then I want to get to see them all in their glory, I wont get to make a place for my babies to be with me in heaven. My faith in the Lord Almighty and Jesus Christ tells me that I will, that I do have a place in heaven waiting on me when it is my time and I will live forever there. My faith in God tells me to face the world knowing that he is walking next me to and he is clearing the path for me.

Dear Lord take these words here and do with them as you need to, thank you for allowing me to spend this time with you and speak to others about you. Please be with everyone today who is struggling with any type of issue Amen

Till next time have a great day and remember you are not alone God walks with you 24/7


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